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All Ears English Podcast

Jul 29, 2014

Taking IELTS?

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Does your English need a tune-up?

Your English is like a car.  The better you take care of it, the better it runs!  Today we’re going to help you keep your English in top shape by introducing the top 15 biggest mistakes in English!

Every Tuesday from August until November, we will talk in-depth about one of these mistakes.  We will discuss why it is a problem and give you the tools you need to fix it. 

Our weekly discussions of the top 15 biggest mistakes in English will focus on these topics:

  1. Using the verbs “listen” and “hear”
  2. Whether to use “say” or “tell” or “speak” or “talk”
  3. Using “wish” or “hope”
  4. Do you use “to have” or “to be” to tell your age?
  5. Using the verb “will” correctly when talking about the future
  6. Are you “bored” or “boring?”
  7. Should you say “I have been” or “I was?”
  8. Do you “lend” or “borrow?”
  9. What does it mean to “invite over?”
  10. “I will” or “I’m going to?”
  11. “People is” or “People are?”
  12. When to use “much” and when to use “many”
  13. The difference between “make” and “do”
  14. Are you “by yourself” or “on your own?”
  15. When to use the article “the”

Have you had problems or made mistakes with the words or phrases above?  What have you done to make your English run better?

Tell us about it in the comments below!


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