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All Ears English Podcast

Dec 31, 2013

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Today we’ll show you how to answer a key question about your performance at work in English plus 3 other common English expressions! Yesterday we talked about your New Year’s English reverse resolutions. Check out episode 34 if you haven’t already. The key phrase from... Read...

Dec 30, 2013

What is your English reverse resolution? Learn how to set one in today’s episode by asking three key questions! Today we want to put a spin on a typical New Year’s resolution.

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Dec 26, 2013

When is the best time to start studying English? Today you will find out when the perfect time is to start studying English. Today’s Quote: “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” 

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Dec 25, 2013

Find out how to get a 2-for-1 study experience where you will double your English learning! Here’s the tip: Change the place where you study. Where can you go? Try going to a cafe to study.

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Dec 24, 2013

Learn how to ask about someone’s New Year’s Eve plans like a native English speaker! Here are some phrases that you heard in yesterday’s Meeting Monday: To ring in the New Year (expression): To celebrate the beginning of a new year. “How are you going... Read More

The post AEE 31: What Are you Doing for New...