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All Ears English Podcast

Nov 20, 2014

Want to improve your English conversation? Learn from a tennis pro!

What can it teach us?

Today, Lindsay and Kristy talk about what they've learned about language learning from tennis lessons!


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In tennis, as in many other sports, it’s critical that you persist.  You have to keep trying.  You have to show up for practice, and be consistent.  Mental toughness is also important.  You want to have the upper hand and be offensive, rather than defensive.

When learning a new language, sometimes we get stuck on a negative thought or an embarrassment.  This can lead us to lose the upper hand, and our confidence.  But when we sound good, we feel more in control.  The point is to practice, and to try to keep the ball in your court.  Stay in the game and take a deep breath!

Do you think tennis (or any other sports) offer lessons to language learning?

What are some examples?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below?