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All Ears English Podcast

Jul 22, 2021

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How can you show someone you know them using the phrase "you strike me as" without offending them? Today learn how to use this phrase carefully to build connection in English conversations.

Jul 21, 2021

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When you run into someone that you have met before, maybe at a conference or even at a party, how can you share the context of how you met to make them recognize you in English? Find out how to do it for the best possible connection...

Jul 20, 2021

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Before you enter a big presentation or a meeting or even just a long day, what can you say to yourself in English to get motivated and ready? Today get new English phrases to give yourself a pep talk in...

Jul 19, 2021

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You want to have interesting conversations in English about current events and issues in society but do you freeze when someone throws out a number? Today get a 4-step framework for listening to statistics, understanding them, and responding in a...