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Do you have to make presentations in English sometimes?

Do you know how to start your presentation in English?

Today you’ll find out 3 awesome tips from our guest Carl Kwan!

Carl has been on our show a few times this year!

He is a presentation expert and he told us why it’s important to know your audience when you present and how to end your English presentation.

Today he’s here to show you how to get your presentation started!


3 Ways to Start your Presentation in English:

  • Start with a surprising fact: After you state the interesting or surprising fact, tell people what they should do with it. This gets their attention and this makes it easy for you to show them what they are going to learn. This is a more effective way to start than saying your name or “thanks for coming to my presentation.”
  • Use a story: Talk about what you were doing at a specific time when you thought about your presentation topic. For example, “Recently I was having a conversation with a friend when she told me about a really interesting method she is using to learn English.” With this strategy you should use a time reference. Talk about a situation and the action that was going on at the time. Use the word “when.” Using “when” is a good way to introduce the topic that you are about to talk about. This will get your audience interested.
  • Use a question to talk about a problem and your solution: Start by asking “have you ever…?” Then say, “well, here’s…” Here is an example from Carl: “Have you ever wondered how you can use CNN to learn English? Well here’s a 5-step process for using CNN to learn English.” To do this you have to know your audience and your question has to speak to them.


Carl Kwan is a presentations, video and marketing consultant with an MBA who also has over 10 years experience as an ESL teacher.

Carl was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada at age 3. Like many immigrants, his parents always struggled with English.

This eventually led him to pursue teaching English to help people like his mom and dad.

Since 2009 he has produced presentations videos. Currently, his YouTube Channel has more than 120 videos on presentations.


Carl lives in Seoul, South Korea with his wife and son. He offers presentations workshops and consulting, he produces live and animated videos for business owners and works as a professional voice actor and radio personality.

He believes that everyone deserves a chance at success. To learn more about Carl, please visit his website at, check out his videos on YouTube or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Here is Carl’s most recent website: Carl’s English

And check out his photos on Instagram at


Have you tried any of these techniques?

How did it work? Let us know!

Do you feel confident when you present in English?


Have you ever done an Ironman Race?

4 Things You Can Learn for Your English:

  • Take it one step at a time: If you are learning English, don’t focus on everything you need to do to reach your goal. Focus on the next, smallest action that you can take. You will see that over time the little steps add up to the full goal. Keep it moving.
  • Make a small deposit into the “training bank” each day:  For English learners, if you work on your English every day for 15 minutes and you make that deposit into your account, you will be able to withdraw from that account when you get into a conversation situation. Practice creates confidence. Luck does not create confidence.
  • Go it alone:  Even if you don’t know other people who are learning English you can do it on your own. You can find information and programs online to support you.  Maybe your friends are still learning in a traditional way. You can “go it alone” by being a more proactive learner and learning in your own way.


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Do you train for athletic events? Do you play sports?

Have you noticed that other aspects of your life have improved as well with more hours of training?

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Do you ever feel frustrated because you can’t travel to an English-speaking country to learn English?

Today we have Ana Luiza from Ingles Online.

She is going to offer you three tips to make it work from home.


3 Ways to Learn English from Home:

  • Don’t only read, start with audio: Don’t invest too much time in just reading if you don’t know the sounds of English. It’s common for people to start with just reading but they don’t use the audio to go with what they are reading. These students end up having strange pronunciation because they use the sounds of their native language. If you do this, it will be a huge waste of time.
  • Listen to things that you understand: Start with English audio that you understand but can’t use quite yet. Don’t focus your time on English that you don’t understand. Once you understand something once, you need to see it again and again and review it. You need to see it used in different contexts and see it being used by different people. It takes time to acquire the language. It’s a process.  Don’t jump ahead and skip over words that you think you already know.
  • Start small: If you are busy and don’t have a lot of time consume English in small chunks. Fifteen minutes a day is great.  Take small steps. Listen to English while you are doing something else like cooking.

Ana Luiza has shown us that it is possible to get better at English even if you can’t travel to an English-speaking country.

Go get started with some of these tips and techniques today!


Ana Luiza’s Bio:

Ana Luiza Bergamini is the founder of,  a website that teaches English to Portuguese speakers with a focus on comprehension and speaking, and features weekly tips and a podcast, and a multimedia course of basic English.

Ana has taught English for over ten years and she now lives in London, UK.


Talk to us in the comments!

Have you tried using any of these tips?

How did they work?

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What can you say in English to make people like you?

Today you're going learn a few phrases, questions, and vocabulary words that you can use in any conversation to make people enjoy your company more.


Phrases to make people like you:

  • "How about you?": This is better in the middle of a conversation. People want to talk about themselves and share their opinion on a topic so give them a chance to do it. This shows that you are interested in the person and that's why they'll find you interesting.
  • Use the person's name: This shows that you care enough to remember the person's name. Use their name to show that you care. Try to insert their name at the beginning or the end of a conversation. Don't be afraid to ask for their name again if you forget it.
  • Do NOT use "sir" or "ma'am" in the US: This is too formal in the Northeastern United States or on the West Coast (Boston, NY, Portland, Washington State). It can also make you sound submissive or like you are putting yourself below the person.
  • "You're welcome" instead of "no problem": When you say "no problem" you are saying that what you just did for that person was easy and it didn't mean anything to you. "You're welcome" doesn't make a judgment about what you have done for the person. It's simple and polite.
  • "What would you like me to do?": This allows the person to be direct if they are trying to hint at something and it gives you a chance to help someone.



Have you tried any of these phrases?

If so, how did it go? Do you know another phrase that will make you more likeable?

Let us know in the comments section!



Source: Inc Magazine 19 Words That Will Make People Like You More

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Today we have a great guest! We have Lisa Biskup from English Fluency Now.

Lisa is from the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Lisa is going to introduce us to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and she is going to show us 4 things that are different or unique about her region.


4 Things That Are Unique About the Pacific Northwest:

  • People enjoy the outdoors: People are focused on the environment and spending time outdoors. Even though it rains a lot, people like to get out and when it’s nice out, people spend a lot of time sailing, boating kayaking, hiking, etc. The temperatures are mild throughout the year and it’s not “painful” to be outdoors.
  • They value local, organic food: A lot of people in this area value organic and local food, grass-fed beef, etc. There are a lot of farmers’ markets that people go to regularly. There is a huge market for this kind of natural food.
  • A vibrant coffee culture: Starbucks started here! Starbucks brought the coffee culture to Seattle but in Washington there are tons of local coffee roasters and local cafes. The local shops often roast their own blends and have followers. If you are visiting the US, it’s a great idea to go into a cafe or the same cafe every day for several days. You can meet real local people at these places. Try starting a conversation with them.
  • A progressive political culture: A lot of people value things like the environment, gay marriage, and other social issues. Medical marijuana is now legal. The minimum wage has just been increased from $9 per hour to $15 per hour. This is considered a “living wage.”

Visit Lisa’s website at


Bonus vocabulary term: Crunchy

This term can be used as an adjective and it means that people like to spend time in nature.

It’s an American English slang term.


Lisa's Bio:

Lisa Biskup is the founder of English Fluency Now, Inc. and the creator of the English Fluency Now podcast.

She works as a private English language coach, helping motivated adult learners reach their fluency goals.

Her audio immersion program "Success with Stories" trains learners to become powerful English speakers, so that they can speak English with confidence and ease. Lisa is a certified Bilingual/TESOL teacher who has enjoyed working with English learners for over 20 years.

Visit Lisa's website at


Have you visited the Pacific Northwest? What did you like about it?

Could you live there? Does the culture match your personality?

Let us know in the comments!

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