All Ears English Podcast

How do you clarify information in English?

Have you ever met someone on the phone or the internet before you met them in person?

Today, Lindsay and Michelle discuss tag questions, and how they can help you confirm what you think you know, but aren’t sure about!


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A tag question helps you to confirm a piece of information that you think is true, but that you want to clarify.  Though they are used as a tool for clarity, they can also be a great way to create conversations.

Tag questions tend to begin with the statement to be clarified, and then end with the question.  There are many possible combinations.


Some common examples of tag questions include:

  • “You’re from Washington, aren’t you?”
  • “You used to live in New York, didn’t you?”
  • “He can play the piano, can’t he?”
  • “Her birthday is in July, right?”


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Do you ever use tag questions?

What kinds of things do you need to confirm or clarify in others?

Let us know in the comments section below!